Dance Classes

Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced every day” – Jim Rohn

What are Dance classes?

Dance classes encourage students to become active and explore their creativity through movements and expressions.


During these classes your child will:
– Learn how be confident performing in front of others
– Gain knowledge and appreciation of the performing arts culture
– Combine all attributes learnt through the course, along with their own performance talents to be ready for the stage!

Learning Outcomes

– Students learn the fundamentals of dance and technique
– Students learn how their bodies work and move
– Improves listening, rhythm and timing skills
– Teaches importance of fitness through movement in a variety of disciplines

Recommended classes if your child enjoys or has already taken Dance lessons

– Drama

Recommended time frame for Dance classes

It is encouraged that students complete all stages and learning outcomes of dance. Throughout the year, each term builds upon the material learnt from the previous term and students are given the opportunity to perform at the yearly concert

We understand that due to other siblings and family commitments it may be hard to sign up for the full year, which is why we would like to offer the following discounts.

Call our Talent Club Team on 0451 507 606 – if you have any further questions regarding our classes or fees!

Term Fees
To pay per term it is – $250

Semester Fees
To pay per semester (Term 1 & 2) – $450
10% of savings

Yearly Fees
To pay per year (Term 1, 2, 3 & 4) – $850
15% of savings

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