Four key areas of child development.

Talent club Sydney offers workshop for children in drama public speaking and creative writing to facilitate development.

I learnt how to be more confident and speak up, to make the right decisions and how to speak on the spot. I also learned to never give up. Just keep trying! – Tom Hong 

As parents we are concerned about how to keep your children engaged in the school holidays while still learning, exploring and of course, having fun! We focus on all  four key areas of development over the course of all our programs:

1.    Cognitive Development: It deals with creativity, problem solving skills, reasoning, curiosity and ability to grasp knowledge. It also included the ability to concentrate and control over their behavior.

2.    Emotional Development: It involves learning what feelings and emotions are, understanding how and why they happen, recognizing one’s own feelings and those of others, and developing effective ways of managing them. Empathy, humor and self-confidence are also a part of emotional development.

3.    Social Development: It includes the child’s experience, expression, and management of emotions and the ability to establish positive and rewarding relationships with peers to function well in society.

4.    Physical Development: It involves developing motor skills, control over the body, particularly muscles and physical coordination. As a child learns what their bodies can do, they gain self-confidence, promoting social and emotional development. Dietary habits, and hygiene are also a part of their physical development.

Talent Club Australia’s performance based communication programs strive to achieve growth in all the four areas of development.  Through attention and practice, they learn to develop essential life skills and build self–confidence and self- esteem, sharing, learning how to accept responsibility, complete tasks. Our programs provide students an outlet and experience of a variety of – life and creative skills in a fun yet safe learning environment.  

Children are encouraged to discover, follow their imagination and ideas by a hands-on approach to learning important life skills. We have small groups and kids get individual attention because we believe that each child is unique and talented.

Our Regular programs are as follows:

  1. Creative Writing
  2. Musical Theatre
  3. Public Speaking
  4. Debating

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