Talent Club Australia Programs

School Term Class Location: Online & Fee schedule

As we continue to grow, and looking for new places to open our classes.

If you would like to see our classes closer to you, we would love to hear from you - contactus@talentclubaus.com.au


Monday            Warrawee Public      PS, Writing & Drama                  3.15pm to 5.00        
Tuesday           Hornsby North School           PS, Writing & Drama                  3.15pm to 5.15         
Tuesday           Roselea Public School            PS, Writing & Drama      3.15pm to 5.15       
Wednesday         Ironbark Ridge School            PS & Creative Writing               3.15pm to 4.15 (1-3)     
Wednesday         Ironbark Ridge School            PS & Creative Writing                4.15pm to 5.15 (3-6) 
Thursday          North Kellyville School           PS, Writing & Drama                  3.15pm to 5.15       
Saturday          PCYC Waitara                      PS & Creative Writing 10.00am to 11.00 (Senior school) 
                  PCYC Waitara                      PS & Creative Writing              11.00am to 12.00 (Junior school)

School Term Fee
25 x 10 = $250 per program, per enrolment
40x 10 = $400 (when enrolled for 2 programs/ 2 terms)

Bank account details are
Talent Club Australia
BSB number 082-356
Account number 495915084

We find children learn best with siblings and friends and are glad to offer 10% courtesy to you of the fees when the sibling /referred friend has enrolled and paid the fee.

Holiday Workshop Schedule

Talent Club School Holiday Workshops  aim to develop a variety of Life Skills and tap on the Creativity in children, keep them active, with practical activities,a specifically crafted program that can be enjoyed with their friends and peers.The schedule is as follows:

Waitara &  Rouse Hill   9 to 4 pm (early drop off by 8.30 late pick up at a small charge)


Young Orators – Public Speaking
The ability to easily assume leadership in a group, or to readily talk for yourself. They learn the importance of Posture, Tone of voice, Eye Contact, manage nervous gestures and “uh” and “ums.   

Little Authors – Creative Writing
Authors is a great workshop for kids to use their imagination/ ideas and need a structure getting those ideas on the page. They learn how to write an Action / Fairy Tale story or develop a newsletter. 

Budding Actors – Drama/ Musical Theatre
This workshop is an introduction to drama and musical theatre techniques. It manages to develop skills in physicality, voice, and more while on stage. 

Pro Dancer
In this workshop kids learn the different forms of dance ballet, hip hop, jazz

Gaining skills in a fun and interactive way from a variety of classes

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