High School

Speaking with confidence - High School Classes


Challenging demands faced by students

Does your teenager feel shy participating in conversations?

Does your child have difficulty making friends?

Does your child have trouble making presentations and speaking in class?

Students transitioning from Primary to High School and then to Universities have to navigate many important social, emotional and physiological changes

They have to adjust to new surroundings, become familiar with new teachers and peers, learn new ways of working, and make sense of the rules and routines that operate in their classes.

e.g.English may be someone’s first and native language, but despite learning the language from birth, not everyone is able to vocalise their thoughts cohesively and seamlessly. Perhaps when the opportunity is there to speak up, they are so nervous that they may blank out!

Fortunately, our programs are tailored to anyone regardless of language experience. Because there is always opportunities towards become better and best.

Talent Club Australia’s programs aim is to provide students  with the soft skills and resilience they need to confidently navigate transition in their lives.

The Program 

Public Speaking is a skill which can be substantially improved upon by anyone with motivation and persistence. Speaking and Writing communication skills at the top of a list of skills that are relevant to overall Life Success.

Course Description

A course in the composition and delivery of speeches for various occasions, in audience analysis, and in speech criticism.”

Students will be asked to listen attentively to one another's speeches and provide positive support and/or constructive suggestions for improvement. Finally, this Program is designed to provide a practical, intelligent, and, fun public speaking experience.


Students will be able to display and master invention, disposition, style, and delivery skills in the presentation of informative, persuasive, and commemorative messages to effectively impact a given audience.

  • Make a great first impression
  • Mastering powerpoint presentations
  • Boost self confidence
  • Gain poise, manage body language
  • Develop speech delivery and timing
  • Be prepared for new challenges
  • Participation in class discussions, public speaking and debating competitions

Required Materials

Students will need some type of video-recording device to record their classroom speeches for self-evaluations. Most smartphones and digital cameras have recording capabilities.

Additionally, students will need a binder or spiral notebook to use for in-class assignments and notes.

Our coaches are high achievers from Australian schools and universities with well developed communication skills and are role models for our young learners. They coach students  for the school speaking  and debating competitions  and also for our annual ASCA , IMEB exams.

Our programs are aligned to the  ASCA ‘syllabus of speaking and listening  (The Australian Speech Communication Association Inc – affiliated with the English-Speaking Board (International) Ltd – is an organisation which promotes and helps the development of oral communication and listening skills in education, professional and social spheres.)

We believe every learner is different and has individual strengths and development needs , and so, the class size is kept small whether In-person or Online.

Learn and Practice from anywhere with our interactive online classes or Join us at our in-person