Public Speaking Classes

All speaking is public speaking whether it is to one person or a thousand” -

Roger Love

Public Speaking

What are Public Speaking classes?

Regardless of the career path any of us take, the ability to communicate effectively and think critically is instrumental to social, professional and academic success. Speaking- is the ability to communicate, share feelings, thoughts, ideas or information with one person or many.

The reason why many adults have a fear of Public Speaking is because they never learned how to speak comfortably in front of a crowd as children.


There are many practical, social and emotional benefits for your child taking Public Speaking classes.
During these classes your child will:
- Overcome shyness
- Gain self-esteem and self-assurance
- Develop effective communication skills
- Develop more confidence in communication with peers and adults
- Develop leadership skills that will take them to new heights in their future 

Learning Outcomes

  • Build Self Confidence
  • Body language  - Demonstrating knowledge, confidence, verbal and non-verbal skills.
  • Speech structure-  the ability to give  a message within a  time frame
  • Types of speeches - 
  • We follow ASCA standards (Australian Speech and Communications Association) and coach our students, if they choose to take their exams.

Recommended classes if your child enjoys or has already done Public Speaking classes

- Musical Theatre 

Recommended time frame of Public Speaking classes

At Talent Club we believe that in order for your student to gain a superior knowledge and understanding of Public Speaking, it is encouraged that they complete all stages and learning outcomes. Throughout the year, each term builds upon the material learnt from the previous term.

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