SUCCESS MATTERS – Coaching services for Professional

Success Matters is a personalised coaching service designed specifically for Non-Anglo Immigrant Professionals who are keen to move forward and upward, improve their industry presence, corporate mark and multiply chances of advancement into leadership roles.

These are 60 minutes’ sessions and the highlights are : 

  1. Confidence through Personal Branding – Personal Branding is critical to success in our personal and professional lives. What you stand for, your values and believes all add up to how you see yourself and how other people see you. To know and understand your strengths will build your confidence.
  • Participants learn to identify their own Personal Brand and the importance of being consistent in their execution; be it on Social media or in person. Assets, Strengths, Skills and Passions. Who are you? Understanding and accepting who you are is the start to Personal Branding. Executing consistently across all platforms is the key.
  • First Impressions. It goes beyond grooming to posture, tone and values. How you stand out from the crowd in a positive way and what you need to deploy for consistency over the longer term.
  1. Art & Craft of  Presentation – Participants will learn and practice these techniques. They will understand their strengths and speech styles and how to further develop their personal style through immediate live Coaching during the Workshop. Video Playback is used for live Coaching and progress management.
  • Fundamentals of Presentations and Public Speaking with Confidence and Passion.
  • Develop an engaging presentation and speech organisation structure to write and make a persuasive and memorable presentation.
  • Personal Coaching on Personal Style and presentation techniques.
  • Learning the basics of Impromptu Thinking and how to make that presentation