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Talent club Sydney offers workshop for children in drama public speaking and creative writing.

Creative Writing

Creative Writing is all about pushing the boundaries & our program enables kids to start thinking outside the box at an early stage.

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Talent club Sydney offers workshop for children in drama public speaking and creative writing.


This activity helps kids strike a perfect balance between being persuasive about a given topic & being tolerant & respectful towards opposing point of views.

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Talent club Sydney offers workshop for children in drama public speaking and creative writing.

Public Speaking

Shyness to speak up openly can restrict children from taking up challenges in life, but with our program, your child will learn to overcome their fears & be bold!

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Talent club Sydney offers workshop for children in drama public speaking and creative writing.


Proper control of body language, expressions & emotions is essential in performing arts & our classes help to develop & polish these areas.

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Can public speaking, drama, creative writing and debating improve self confidence? Contact us to find out!

Can Public Speaking / Drama be learnt online ?

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Here is what our happy parents say!

Our son has been attending every holiday workshop and has found their creative teaching style so engaging! I’d like to thank Talent Cub for inspiring my son enough to fuel him with budding enthusiasm; he is much less conscious in expressing himself (truly looks up to his coach!) and in fact keen to attend his weekly classes as well as the holiday workshops.

Vince S

I would just to take a moment to say, I have been so impressed by your Coaches! What’s great is that they are passionate about making an impact on these children. I’ve noticed time and time again students waiting outside the classroom excited for their lessons to begin. My son particularly looks forward to End of Term Presentations.  Thank you to TCA in guiding and supporting our son on his learning journey!


My daughters (Years 3 and 4) have enjoyed the program itself (plus they love their teacher!), and the self-confidence boost that comes from learning new things, and improving themselves. It is wonderful to see such enthusiasm instilled in my kids. As a parent, I’m really delighted with Talent Club Australia, the enrolment process was smooth & I look forward to next term.

Thomas R

My son really enjoys his classes at Talent Club and has gained a lot of confidence since he started Public Speaking classes at Talent Club. He enjoys working with the teacher and looks forward to class every week. He loves doing his worksheets. Recently in his ASCA Exam he scored a High Distinction which is a matter of pride for us . Thank you Talent Club

Chris Penny

My daughter was very shy . Did not speak to anyone .Two terms of spending time at Talent Club has made her a different person. She is now bold and has become social.

Amy Thompson

“We usually attend holidays workshops and in lockdown talent club cleverly reorganized the classes in zoom sessions in no time. Very interactive sessions, age appropriate and involving. Teacher was very skilled in what she did and beautifully engaged everyone with charming activities. The outcome report is also very informative and useful.”

Sarah Finlay

Performance of children at Musical Theatre -‘Friend Like Me’ from Aladdin was superb. Talent Club’s Musical Theatre teacher put in a lot of effort and made them do such a lovely performance. Congratulations for putting up such a wonderful show.


Meet our amazing coaches!

TCA Coach

"I believe that the purpose of communication is to form connections, influence decisions, and motivate change."

TCA Coach

"In my classroom, I love encouraging students to use props from their homes to bring a bit more of themselves to their speaking practice."

TCA Coach

"I'm passionate about supporting children to become effective communicators so they can excel in all facets of their lives!"

TCA Coach

"I prioritise building confidence in students and having fun with learning activities."

TCA Coach
Understanding the wonderful outcomes that materialise from improving these skills, motivates me to be the best educator, coach, and mentor I can be.
TCA Coach

"I believe that we must ensure that all students are gaining the most in their learning experiences and gain valuable life skills."

TCA Coach
I believe that confidence is a core part of our identity and self-expression, and forms the foundation of all communication skills. I am motivated to help others tap into their potential and achieve their personal best.
TCA Coach

I like to impart wisdom, connect with individuals and bring out their best version.

TCA Coach

I believe that the secret to building confident public speakers is teaching students to prioritise the message they have to deliver over their own anxieties and self consciousness.

TCA Coach

"I am extremely excited to work with everyone to improve student’s confidence in both public speaking as well as english."

TCA Coach

My primary skills are in drama and improvisation which I believe are highly valuable skills for students to learn.

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