2021 School Holiday Workshops

Communications skills for kids - School Holiday Workshops

School holiday workshops

Why is our younger generation so afraid of speaking in public? Are they shy, nervous or lack confidence?

Shyness isn't a negative trait, it's a pattern where your child feels judged or just takes time to warm up in social situations, AND it's very common.

Our Intensive  School Holiday Workshops help them to overcome their fears by

  •       Building confidence by practicing fun “real world” leadership situations
  •       Being heard and Being themselves
  •       They develop their friendliness and confidence and get past shy feelings. ..

Talent Club Holiday Workshops  aim to develop a variety of Life Skills and tap on the Creativity in learners, keep them active, with practical activities - specifically crafted programs that can be enjoyed with friends and peers. Outcomes you can expect are: 

  •       Developing a positive mindset towards Speaking
  •      Gain skills in a fun and interactive way from Debating and Drama Games 
  •      Improve their leadership, creative thinking, problem-solving, and self confidence.
  1. 4 in 1 Workshops -    Public Speaking , Debate, Creative Writing and Drama activities - They learn additional life skills like critical thinking, teamwork along with Communication and Presentation skills
  2. Fun and Engaging Online Interactive Holiday workshops  1.5 hr  sessions 


Workshop Program

  1. Introduction
    • Getting to know you
  2. Creative Writing
    • Newsletters
    • Short Stories in 20 minutes
  3. Public Speaking
    • Students read aloud their stories to the class
    • Impromptu  speaking on a topics
  4. Debating
    • Students split up into two groups and are given the topic
    • Given 5-10 mins to come up with points as a team
    • Present to the class

5. Drama Activities for eye contact, body language

6. Self assessment and presentation  of the skills learnt at end of the sessions

7. Feedback from the coach

Holiday Workshop Locations & Schedule:

2021/2022 Summer School Holiday program launching soon!

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Fee-  $150 for  in person two-day workshop .  $150 Online ( 2 hr - 5 day) workshops 

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