Jan 2020 Creative Holiday Workshops

As Parents, we start getting anxious about schools holidays – how to keep children occupied and use the time to learn new skills!


3 Ways to keep your child engaged in a fun way.

1. Harness their creativity

2. Keeping active

3. Staying socially connected – make new friends, enjoy activities with them.

Talent Club Holiday Workshops  aim to develop a variety of Life Skills and tap on the Creativity in children, keep them active, with practical activities –
specifically crafted programs that can be enjoyed with friends and peers. Outcomes you can expect are:

·         Develop the ART & CRAFT of Communications

·         Gain skills in a fun and interactive way from a variety of classes

·         Improve their leadership, creative thinking, problem-solving, and self confidence.

      Young Orators – Public Speaking/ Debating  – The ability to easily assume leadership in a group, or to readily talk for yourself. Kids learn how to keep the attention of their audience and make a presentation. Students learn about the skills that make an  effective speech.  (e.g., body language, articulation, eye contact, volume). Furthermore they learn to practice debating, put their point of view effectively 

      Little Authors – Creative Writing   Authors is a great workshop for kids. Students  are encouraged to use their ideas/ imagination, to create pictures and build stories.They are given guidance and  structure to get those ideas on a page and write either a story or develop a newsletter.

      Budding Actors – Drama/ Musical Theatre – This workshop is an introduction to drama techniques. It manages to develop skills in physicality, voice, and more while on stage. Students will learn to become more confident when performing in front of others, and start to gain an understanding of drama.

Our Holiday Workshop Camp is offered from 9 am to 4 pm at :

  1. 14-15 Jan 2020 Waitara Seventh day Adventist Church,Waitara
  2. 16-17 Jan 2020 Mungerie House,Community Centre, Rouse Hill

Drop off by 9.00 and pick up by 4.00pm (late pickup available at $10 per hour). Morning and Afternoon Tea provided. Bring lunch from home . 

Enrol today, to secure a place
at: https://www.talentclubaus.com.au/enrol/

Fee – only $130 Creative kids Vouchers accepted! Kids from same family enjoy 10% off

Queries ! Call us on 0451 507 606

or email contactus@talentclubaus.com.au