About Us

“In a world, where you can be anyone, be yourself – a Class Apart”

Children are born with unlimited potential. It is their Parent’s and Teacher’s ability to inspire, motivate & nurture them to bring out the best in them.

Our Values

AIR: Accountability, Inspire, Respect
– Accountability: Plan and Adapt to Learners’ needs, create a safe learning environment.
– Inspire: Develop and Assess individual learners in various ways that demonstrate their potential, build their confidence and self – esteem.
– Respect: Treat all learners equitably. Adopt an inclusive teaching style and respect diversity

Our Principles

– Create a safe and secure learning environment.
– Engage, build a theoretical foundation and practice
– Establish clear, realistic aims to achieve the learning outcomes
– Use different learning methods, materials and activities to keep students engaged

Our Programs

Our Public Speaking and Communication through Performance  programs
– Stimulate creative thought process
– Build self-awareness and self-confidence
– Encourage leadership qualities and teamwork
– Empower children to be themselves
– the opportunity to advance in holistic education through fun & interactive activities.

Our Staff

 Our qualified & passionate teachers can help any child to improve their self-confidence and self-esteem issues & help to inculcate leadership qualities.

We do not have large classes as we believe that smaller classes assist teachers in imparting individual attention. Our programs are adapted to each child’s needs as teachers are encouraged to update their lesson plans accordingly once they have met the students, as well as after each weekly class.
At Talent Club Australia, we believe in setting achievable learning goals for each child.

Learning Outcomes

Children gain knowledge and experience Communication skills  that will serve them throughout their lives. They have the opportunity to advance in holistic education through fun and interactive activities.

Parent Involvement

Furthermore,we encourage and  support parent’s involvement, as this enhances the success of each child.