Why Debating?

Ever wondered why some people can effortlessly convince you to try that new café or switch to a different Netflix series? It’s all about those top-notch communication skills, and one of the best ways to develop them is through debating. Debating isn’t just for those planning to become lawyers or politicians; it’s a fantastic way to boost your confidence, improve your reasoning abilities, and sharpen your persuasive speaking skills. When you debate, you’re not just speaking; you’re thinking critically, listening actively, and responding thoughtfully. It’s a whole package deal for becoming a master communicator.

How is Debating Different in Our Program?

Now, let’s talk about how our program takes debating to the next level. Unlike traditional debating clubs you might find at school, our 4-in-1 Communication Skills Program is designed to be inclusive and fun for everyone. We understand that debating can be intimidating, especially if you’re just starting out. That’s why we’ve tailored our activities to suit each cohort level. For our Junior or Primary Learners, we keep it simple and engaging with games and persuasive speaking exercises that focus on developing their reasoning skills without overwhelming them with complex debate structures.

For our high school learners, we still incorporate games and persuasive speaking activities, but we also introduce more structured mock debates. The inherently competitive nature of debating can be a blast and serves as great motivation. Our program ensures that every student, regardless of their initial confidence level, has a chance to get their debate on. We believe in giving every talent a chance to shine, and our unique approach separates us from the more formal debating clubs.

How Will They Practice Debating?

So, how exactly will your budding debaters practice their skills? Here are five debating games that we use in our program to make learning fun and effective:

  1. The Great Balloon Debate: Each student pretends to be a famous person who’s on a sinking hot air balloon. They must argue why they should be saved over the others. This game encourages quick thinking and persuasive speaking.
  2. Devil’s Advocate: Students are given a topic and must argue the opposite of what they believe. This helps in understanding different perspectives and strengthens their ability to think on their feet.
  3. Fishbowl Debate: A small group of students debates a topic in the center of the room while the rest of the class observes. Observers can tap in to replace a debater, promoting active listening and engagement.

By integrating these games and activities into our program, we ensure that debating is not only educational but also a whole lot of fun. Whether you’re a shy beginner or a confident speaker, our program is designed to help you develop those all-important communication skills and discover the joy of debating. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get debating!

and transform your child’s Debating skills today!

Our goal is to motivate and inspire every student to think, communicate and be themselves by imparting the ART and CRAFT of Communication Skill that will create successful, confident individuals, both academically and socially.


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