What is Debating ?

Debating teaches students to research, organise and prioritize thoughts to present an informed and persuasive argument.

“Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress”

– Mahatma Gandhi –

By practicing debating activities students will;

  • Increase self-esteem and confidence in public speaking
  • Improve persuasive skills through presenting facts and evidence in informed arguments
  • Become confident in presenting persuasive arguments for or against a topic
  • Improve critical thinking skills 

Learning Outcomes
Gain a broad understanding across different disciplines outside of their normal academic skills

  • Improves ability to compile and collaborate information on a specific topic
  • Develops effective writing composition and speech delivery
  • Encourages teamwork and a lively exchange of idea
  • Become a good listener

Recommended Time Frame
It is encouraged that students complete all stages and learning outcomes. Throughout the year, each term builds upon the material learnt from the previous term and students are given the opportunity to perform at the yearly event!

All our 4-in-1 Communication classes and holiday workshops combine public speaking, creative writing, debating and drama activities.

Call our Talent Club Team on 0451 507 606 – if you have any further questions regarding our classes.

Our goal is to motivate and inspire every student to think, communicate and be themselves by imparting the ART and CRAFT of Communication Skill that will create successful, confident individuals, both academically and socially.


Sydney, NSW, Australia.

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