Speaking & Listening Assessment with ASCA



Twice a year, Talent Club Australia invites experts from the Australian Speech and Communication Association (ASCA), to assess and certify our students’ Public Speaking and Listening skills.


TCA runs ASCA Focus Groups is an effort to support students in preparation and execution before they take the ASCA Exam.

ASCA EXAM Focus Group - Online Interactive

ASCA EXAM Focus Group - Face to face

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What is ASCA? Australian Speech and Communication Association (click on the picture on the right to visit the ASCA website) is an organization that promotes and helps the development of oral communication and listening skills in education, professional, and social spheres. ASCA offers a series of finely graded oral exams that encourage and challenge candidates of all ages and levels.

Who is eligible? All TCA students who feel they would like to take on this challenge of assessment are eligible. There are no set eligibility criteria, as partaking this in the form of assessment can often be a great way for students to challenge and assess their own capabilities. We encourage both parents/students to refer to their previous term progress reports in class coach feedback when to ascertaining areas of strength and improvement while preparing for the exam.

Which year groups can register for the Exam? ASCA has different grade exams for school years Kindergarten – Year 12. All students within these school grades may apply.

What happens during the exam? Typically an exam is between 10 – 25 minutes (depending on grade level appropriately allocated to your child). The syllabus will include between 3 to 5 sections, most of which need to be prepared in advance by the students. Details of the exact requirements for each section will be in the grade syllabus. A copy of the entire syllabus is on the ASCA website, and a copy of your assigned grade exam will be sent to you by TCA upon registration.

How can TCA support our child? Our TCA Program is aligned with the ASCA learning outcomes, and students are practicing their speaking skills to meet these learning outcomes on a weekly basis, coaches provide feedback and create end-of-term progress reports based on these outcomes. For the ASCA Exam, we provide our students with free resources, and advice to the parents and students to help them put their best foot forward in the examinations. Students may also register for ASCA Focus Coaching for $50 per class which advises students by giving them asca assessment style feedback.

A typical exam may include:

  • Personal Project: students are asked to present a speech eg. informative, or research aligned or biographical
  • Impromptu Exchange (question and answer with the audience on the day, minimal preparation beforehand except student students may wish to practice answering audience questions to feel comfortable on the exam day)
  • Memorized Own Choice Presentation: students are asked to memorize a literary text.
  • Read Aloud: students will be asked to select a piece / numerous texts from which they will be asked to do an impromptu reading. (Questions may be asked)
  • Announcement ( senior grade exam typically involves an announcement section)

ASCA Exams are typically an interactive, form of speaking examination. Assessment Outcomes are shown in the picture on the left (can also be downloaded from the asca website).

Being assessed for these outcomes is not only a benchmark of achievement for students but also great practice for gaining confidence, students learn to challenge their personal capabilities and gain insight into their speaking strengths with a certificate to show for it! The experience continues to serve students’ development in the classroom, in higher education, and also in professional and social spheres.

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