ASCA – Australian Speech and Communication Association

Talent Club Australia & ASCA

Twice a year, Talent Club Australia invites examiners from the Australian Speech and Communication Association (ASCA), to assess and certify our students' skills on public speaking and listening

For example, a Kindergarten student could be asked to recite a memorised poem, answering impromptu questions and speaking about a personal topic. A Yr 6 student will take on the role of an expert with the help of a visual aid and have an impromptu exchange with an audience. 

Our coaches have been delivering their lessons to prepare the students for the examination whether they choose to take the assessment or not.

These skills help students to gain confidence, become poised and competent presenters in the classroom and in the general community. They continue to serve the student later in higher education, during job interviews, and in the workforce, regardless of which occupation they pursue.

Date 3rd Dec 2022

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