What are Drama activities?

Our classes combine multiple areas of the performing arts. Our main aim is for the students to have fun while learning and performing in a safe environment.

Talent club Sydney offers workshop for children in drama public speaking and creative writing.
Benefits During these classes your child will:
  • Learn how be confident performing in front of others
  • Gain knowledge and appreciation of the performing arts culture
  • Combine all attributes learnt through the course, along with their own performance talents to be ready for the stage!
Learning Outcomes
  • Students learn the fundamentals of Drama and technique. They learn how the voice works, develop confidence with singing technique and performance.
  • Creative Expression: Participate in fun and engaging acting exercises to develop new creative ideas with others.
  • Song interpretation: Bring to life through the application of acting technique a drama song text.
  • Performance: Apply acting and singing practice to a short, devised presentation.

Recommended Time Frame
It is encouraged that students complete all stages and learning outcomes. Throughout the year, each term builds upon the material learnt from the previous term.

All our 4-in-1 Communication classes and holiday workshops combine public speaking, creative writing, debating and drama activities.

Call our Talent Club Team on 0451 507 606 – if you have any further questions regarding our classes.

Our goal is to motivate and inspire every student to think, communicate and be themselves by imparting the ART and CRAFT of Communication Skill that will create successful, confident individuals, both academically and socially.


Sydney, NSW, Australia.

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