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Unlocking the power of Online Learning!

Our online classes offer the same level of interactivity and engagement as our in-person sessions but with a unique twist. Learning from the comfort of your home often means fewer classroom distractions, providing an ideal environment for young communicators to thrive.

In fact, students can use prompts in their very own homes, making learning even more personal and relatable. This innovative approach ensures that our online classes are just as effective in developing essential communication skills.

Discover the convenience, focus, and growth that online learning brings to your child’s journey!

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Talent Club Australia - SPEAKSCRAFT Program


Our online students also have an opportunity to take the Australian Speech Communication Association (ASCA) Exams we offer our students. In July 2023, 100% of students taking the Online Examination conducted by an ASCA Examiner received High Distinctions. What does that tell you about our online class experience?


Drama, Debate, Public Speaking, and Creative Writing

FEES: $295 per student/per term

  • 10% sibling discount offered.
  • Enrollment is booked by term.
  • 10 Week Term (we follow NSW School Term Dates)
  • 1-hour class per week

NSW Creative Kids Voucher accepted: Get yours here.

All you need is an internet connection! Class times are in AEST (Sydney Time)

  • All classes are live and conducted over Zoom.
  • Explore 4 powerful communication activities over 8 weeks
  • Prepare and participate in end-of-term presentations, followed up by a coach feedback report.
  • Interested in monitoring class activities? Download the TCA S.P.E.A.K.S Journal after the enrollment is processed to follow along your child’s journey through the term.

If using the NSW Creative Kids Voucher share the voucher screenshot along with the student’s name, date of birth, and chosen class at [email protected] before making payment. The voucher amount will be deducted on redemption.


Please read and accept our Terms and Conditions carefully before enrolling in your preferred online class. It will be expected that you have accepted them on submission of the form.

Our goal is to motivate and inspire every student to think, communicate and be themselves by imparting the ART and CRAFT of Communication Skill that will create successful, confident individuals, both academically and socially.


Sydney, NSW, Australia.

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