What's Up with Drama?

Ever wondered why drama is a part of our communication skills program? It’s not just about putting on fancy costumes or learning lines by heart. Drama is a key player in building solid communication skills. It’s a magic formula that allows kids to express themselves freely, understand others, and foster that sought-after inner confidence. Let’s dive into why drama is a must-have tool in the communication skills toolkit.

Drama and Your Child: A Winning Combo

  1. Drama is a communication skill supercharger! When kids step into a character’s shoes, they learn to see the world from different angles. This ability to empathize makes them ace communicators, both in speaking and listening. They’re not just repeating lines; they’re learning to convey emotions, intentions, and stories. It’s like a fast-track course in real-life conversations.
  2. On top of that, drama boosts confidence. Picture standing in front of an audience delivering a monologue or participating in a group scene. It’s bold! These experiences help students to shake off their inhibitions and comfortably speak amongst their peers. Let’s be real, overcoming nervousness can be a big deal. With drama, students can tackle this challenge in a relaxed and creative way, adding a dash of silliness, and actually finding enjoyment in presenting to others!

For those students already in love with drama activities, showcasing their skills is a fantastic way to engage them. It encourages them to think about integrating aspects like tone, audience engagement, and finding their authentic voice into their public speaking style and school presentations.

These skills are invaluable, extending beyond the stage to everyday interactions and improving students’ ability to speak in public. It transforms public speaking from robotic recitations to authentic expressions that truly connect with the audience.

Bringing Drama to Life in the Classroom

So how do we weave this magic into the classroom? We start small. Simple activities like role-playing can be super effective. For instance, having students act out different scenarios, like ordering food at a restaurant or resolving a conflict, makes learning not only fun but also practical.

We also blend drama into other subjects. Imagine acting out a historical event in a history class or performing a scene from a novel in English class. This approach makes the content more engaging and memorable, giving students a chance to practice their speaking and listening skills in various contexts.

Finally, we’re big fans of impromptu classroom skits. These provide a more formal setting for students to sharpen their skills. Plus, it’s a fantastic way for them to refine their tone, body language, and voice projection, and start integrating these aspects into other genres of speaking skills.

Activities in our Classes:

  1. Mirror Me: A classic warm up activity! Students pair up have one act as the “leader” while the other mirrors their actions and expressions. This activity helps students become aware of body language and the impact it has on communication. Switch roles to ensure everyone gets a turn.
  2. Improvised Commercials: Students create and perform short commercials for imaginary products. They must use clear and confident speech, engaging body language, and appropriate tone to persuade their audience. This activity fosters creativity and public speaking skills.
  3. Debate Theatre: Organize friendly mock trial on age-appropriate topics that have been debated before. After watching a video of a sample debate, students must play the part, reasearch their positions, practice clear articulation, confident body language, and persuasive tone. While learning critical thinking and effective public speaking.

So, there you have it! Drama isn’t just about plays and theatre; it’s a multi-faceted tool that can help students become better communicators, build confidence, and learn effective speaking strategies.

and transform your child’s drama skills today!

Our goal is to motivate and inspire every student to think, communicate and be themselves by imparting the ART and CRAFT of Communication Skill that will create successful, confident individuals, both academically and socially.


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