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Speak Up, Stand Out!

In competitive environments and formal school debates, we've noticed that some kids struggle with self-expression. That's why, at Talent Club Australia, we introduce SpeaksCraft, a creative program designed to engage children in various speaking tasks, from storytelling to persuasive writing. Our aim is to empower children holistically! Interested? Join us today and let's encourage young voices together!

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Unlock Your Child’s Confidence

Watching your child struggle socially can be challenging. At Talent Club Australia, we use public speaking, creativity, and drama to help kids break out of their shells and thrive. Join us to boost your child’s confidence and social skills in an inclusive and supportive environment.

Australia's unique 4-in-1 Public Speaking Program

Public Speaking

Creative Writing



In-Person Classes

In Person Classes


Build Confidence in Communication Skills in face to face group classes! Public Speaking, Drama, Creative Writing & Debating looped into our unique SpeaksCraft Program.

Online Classes

Online Classes


Learn from anywhere! Our unique Speaks Craft Program offered in live interactive online classes: Public speaking, Drama, Creative Writing & Debating.


Holiday Workshop


Have fun while learning during these holidays! Explore our unqie program of : public speaking, drama, and creative writing; in an intensive workshop format.


Australian Speech Communication Association

Our program curriculum aligns with the learning outcomes of ASCA. Our long-time students are offered the opportunity to partake in the ASCA Examinations twice a year, with 70% of our students receiving Distinction or higher.

Next Exam: July 20th


See the holiday fun in action! Spark imagination with photos from our past workshops.



All coaches are local, experienced in drama, and passionate about coaching and interacting with kids.

Sienna TCA Coach


B.Mus | TCA Coach

Fun Fact:
Jemima TCA Coach


TCA Coach

“In my classroom, I love encouraging students to use props from their homes to bring a bit more of themselves to their speaking practice.”

Irveen TCA Coach


TCA Coach

“I’m passionate about supporting children to become effective communicators so they can excel in all facets of their lives!”

Bron TCA Coach


TCA Coach

“I prioritise building confidence in students and having fun with learning activities.”

Harold TCA Coach


TCA Coach

“Understanding the wonderful outcomes that materialise from improving these skills, motivates me to be the best educator, coach, and mentor I can be.”

Melissa TCA Coach


TCA Coach

“I believe that we must ensure that all students are gaining the most in their learning experiences and gain valuable life skills.”

Mark TCA Coach


TCA Coach

“I believe that confidence is a core part of our identity and self-expression, and forms the foundation of all communication skills. I am motivated to help others tap into their potential and achieve their personal best.”

Dhruv TCA Coach


TCA Coach

“I like to impart wisdom, connect with individuals and bring out their best version.”

Carol TCA Coach


TCA Coach

“I believe that the secret to building confident public speakers is teaching students to prioritise the message they have to deliver over their own anxieties and self consciousness.”

Clarissa TCA Coach


TCA Coach

“I am extremely excited to work with everyone to improve student’s confidence in both public speaking as well as English.”

Jessica TCA Coach


TCA Coach

“My primary skills are in drama and improvisation which I believe are highly valuable skills for students to learn.”

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How are the classes offered?

We run online classes and in-person classes.

Click to view our Online Classes.

Click to view our In-Person Classes.

Click to view our Holiday Workshops.

Are the classes suitable for children of any age?
We run age-specific classes for children from 5-17 yr olds. No experience is necessary and we welcome all skill levels.
What are the fees for the classes?

Fee is $33 per class paid through term enrollment.

NSW Creative Kids vouchers are accepted. Only 1 promo code, discount or voucher can be applied per student per term.

In case we cancel a classes a credit will be provided towards holiday workshop/term classes.

Refunds will be made after deduction of an admin fee of $50

How do I enrol and pay?

Complete the enrolment form for our online classes or in-person classes.

Pay the fees:
Pay ID 0451507606 or by bank transfer:

BSB 082 356

Bank account 194224749

Account Name: Talent Club Australia Pty Ltd

NSW Creative Kids Vouchers are accepted and can be applied by visiting:

If I have further questions, who can I talk to?

Please phone our friendly team on 0451 507 606 or email [email protected].

If you would like to see our classes in other locations, please let us know [email protected]

Discovery Class

Our goal is to motivate and inspire every student to think, communicate and be themselves by imparting the ART and CRAFT of Communication Skill that will create successful, confident individuals, both academically and socially.


Sydney, NSW, Australia.

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